Hotfox wants you to feel fabulous!!

Hotfox wants you to feel fabulous!!


10 hotfox principles!

1. eat protein with complex carbohydrates

2. stay hydrated a wide variety of foods

4. fuel up on the right stuff frequently!

5. always eat breakfast 

6. avoid sugar whenever you can

7.moving is essential (even cleaning your house/ washing your car

8. eat the good kind of fats (olive oils, avocados, salmon)

9.make the time to eat and eat slowly!

10. have some fun in your life and always have something to look forward to folks!



  1. Never compare yourself to anyone else ( we are all unique there is only ever one of you)
  2. Identify what you really want to achieve in all areas of your life right now
  3. Remember you can have your treats just not everyday
  4. Get out and be active as much as you can
  5. Have breakie like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!
  6. Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid of failure, cause failure is just another stepping stone to achieve greatness
  7. Keep that feeling of how you will feel when you get healthier and fitter(what will you do with all that extra energy?) what will you feel like when shopping for that new wardrobe?
  8. Wake up with a workout for 30 minutes but anything you can get in fabulous even 10 minutes a day is great!
  9. KEEP THAT ALL IMPORTANT TOOL OF A MOTIVATION UP AT ALL TIMES! (the more we think about it, the more our mind believes it to be real!
  10. Don’t exist, live , explore, thrive challenge yourself, evolve and change forever!


    1. PORTION CONTROL- it is so very important to know how much your food intake controls your weight even when your eating fairly healthy foods too much of it can pile on the kgs. So always eat from a entree sized plate, never go back for seconds, for meats and other proteins always make it the size of your palm!
    2. LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE- late nights out are fun once in a while but can wreak havoc on your body and health.
      Not getting enough sleep, boozing it up and heading for the nearest maccas are a HOTFOX no no. Not only can it put be bad for our weight but also age you very quickly
      So make sure you get plenty of sleep, limit your drinks to two vodka and sodas and lead a lifestyle you can be
      proud of and give back to family and your friends and help those less fortunate by donating to your favourite charity!
    3. Supplements- HOTFOX highly recommends getting yourself a good quality protein powder, having LSA mix on your cereals, a Blackmores woman’s multivitamin everyday, and having protein with every meal and wild krill oil essential for woman’s weight loss!
    4. EAT FRESH MOST OF THE TIME- go to your local farmers market to buy your fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, and your meats and fish. Not only is it great to buy fresh from the farm for your body it is great to support your local farmer!
    5. LISTEN TO MUSIC WHEN YOUR WORKING OUT- a known fact is that when you listen to music you go harder and faster. So load up your mp3 with your favourite beats and get your trainers on.
    6. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTEIN- protein makes us feel fuller for longer, nourishes our body and keeps us feeling great so include it with each meal; eggs, fish, legumes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, low fat cheese,
      Beans, lean red meats!
    7. SKIN AND BEAUTY- get yourself into LUSH and PERFECT POTION for truly amazing skin they are all natural and organic products not to mention they don’t test on animals! Update your make up range for every season. Go and get yourself a good spray tan we girls feel and look better with a slight tan HOTFOX highly recommends MODELCO. STAY OUT OF THAT SUN!
    8. DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH- it is so very important to stretch out before and after exercise or even whenever you feel a tad stressed out, prevents injury, prepares your muscles for exercise, warms them up and helps us to become just a tad more supple.
    9. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE- Ditch the downers in your life and identify your friends and family who support you completely and make you feel good!
      When you hang around people who have a positive and happy mindset you will become one as well!
    10. Never compare yourself nor try to compete with anyone else, there is only one of you and it is AWESOME! ‘An original is always worth more than a copy’!
    11. DON’T LET YOUR SOCIAL LIFE MAKE YOU PILE ON THE kgs! – arh yes ladies this is a tricky one when your eating out with friends and family as many things from menus have hidden fat content plus you can sometimes want seconds even thirds! Fill up on water before you go out, have a entree sized serving, share with your food with a friend. Don’t let eating out sabotage your all hard work. SAVE EATING OUT AND BOOZING UP FOR THOSE VERY SPECIAL OCCASIONS IE BIRTHDAYS, CHRISTMAS AND THAT BIG EXCITING DAY WHEN YOU HAVE FINALLY REACHED YOUR GOAL!

HOTFOX SNACKS!! Grab these ladies

  1. Air popped popcorn
  2. Non fat cottage cheese
  3. Hard boiled eggs
  4. Hummus
  5. Peanut butter
  6. Fruit smoothies
  7. Almonds
  8. Sliced apples
  9. Grapes
  10. Orange slices
  11. Broccoli florets
  12. Green salad
  13. Cheery tomatoes
  14. Frozen mango’s
  15. Sunflower seeds
  16. Soy chips
  17. Bean salad
  18. Tuna
  19. Pickles,olives
  20. Chicken breast sliced
  21. Protein bars
  22. Yoghurt low fat/ frozen


  1. Do you find it hard to beat those afternoon munchies and I do confess that this includes me! The urge to have something sweet like chocolate in the afternoon can be overwhelming. Cravings are diet busters and need to be managed if healthy eating or weight loss is one of your goals.CAUSES – foods that are high in fat and most processed foods increase your appetite and hunger. Your body becomes insulin resistant and resistant and carbohydrate cravings are the result!-STRESS can cause your blood sugar to lower, and cause stress related eating stress less!-EMOTIONAL some people have emotional memories with certain foods, causing you to crave it!-COMFORT EATING we all  do this  but try to work out why your feeling like this and deal with it!NOW LETS KICK THE HABIT 1. Drink water , sometimes we can mistake being hungry when we are just dehydrated so try and have 2 litres per day it is so very important!
  2. Between meals have a small healthy snack, it is better to give your body a constant supply of low calorie proteins and carbohydrates to prevent bigger cravings
  3. ARE YOU CRAVING SALT? Go and have some almonds as they supply fibre, good fats and vitamin E, other great things are olives, hummus, carrot sticks or multigrain crispbread with avocado and tomato!
  4. ARE YOU CRAVINGS SOMETHING SWEET? The best thing is an apple especially before a meal as it will decrease your appetite and help you digest your food also strawberries, low fat yoghurt, frozen grapes or a vanilla shake with low fat yoghurt , milk and almond essence!APPLES, BLUEBERRIES, SPICY AND WARM FOODS, LOTS OF WATER AND VEGETABLES WILL HELP YOU KICK THESE CRAVINGS TO THE CURB!Also by distracting yourself like phoning a friend, having a good stretch out, go for a brisk walk outside will help that 3pm chocolate craving disappear for good!


Are you wanting a quick and effective heart rate up quick, calorie busting workout that you can do anywhere. Then go buy a simple skipping rope and start jumping everyday! You burn on average 11 calories per minute skipping and is a great alternative exercise for those not keen on running! Always pack it in your suitcase and jump away! HOP TO IT HOTFOX!


When we talk about our core , they’re referring to the abs, the muscles of pelvic floor, the lats, lower back and the obliques just to name a few. It is absolutely essential for us to have good core strength as these muscles are where movement originates and it’s also the source of our stability. So whether your running, lifting weights, picking up your toddler these muscles help keep your body stable and balanced.

HOTFOX will always make sure we work your core each session with interesting workouts that challenge you in new and different ways!


PLANKING– I’m sure you have heard or seen this one!

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: excellent for both your core, legs and butt!

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